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My name is David Mikolajczyk, the overseer of Dominion Chapel & Dominion Ministries.  That's Vicki and me in the picture.  We have been married since March 22, 1974, that's a lot of years.  Years ago, we made the decision to love one another and be friends first and formost, and after all of these years, we are still the best of friends.  I will tell you this, we passed up a lot of opportunities to end our friendship but we refused to do that.  We enjoy our love and friendship!

We are both ordained ministers, Pastor/Teachers.  We have over 30 years ministry experience and over 50,000 hours spent in earnest study of the Bible.  We know that God has sent His Spirit into our lives so that we can understand all that God has given us in this New Birth.  We have searched and searched wanting to find out all that God has freely given to us.

We are a teaching ministry, and our message and our teaching are not with wise and persuasive words, but with demonstrations of the Holy Spirit's power so that people's faith will not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power.

Before I forget, I don't make mention of our academic background because that does not qualify anyone as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I will simply say that Vicki and I graduated from Bible College and hold graduate degrees from other universities.  Let's move on.

May 24th, 1976, a Monday morning, I was getting ready to leave for work. Vicki started a conversation with me about God.  At that moment in time, you could not talk to me about God.  As I walked out of the door, I told her, "God ain't nothing but a power force in the sky that we will all be sucked into one day."  And I left.

It was evident that I was anything but a Christian.  From the 4th to 8th grades I went to a Catholic school, that ended my desire to know anything about God. And I couldn't stand the idea of being a religious person. But I did suffer through enough catachism classes to be convinced that there is such a thing as a sinner, and that
hell exists.  I sure lived like I was hell bound.

In those days, I loved parties.  I was the one who pulled all of the parties together.  Working in a factory, there was plenty of women and men who loved a party.  When we weren't partying, Vicki and I were riding my Harley Davidson, day and night, rain and shine, we rode, rode and rode.

Vicki and I were astrologers at that time. We could do grand charts for people and delve into their pasts and peer into their futures. We had a small following who were amazed by what we could tell them about their lives. They would tell us: "How did you know that? Know one knows that about me." 

Vicki and I both knew that we needed a change, a big change, but it was beyond us to change. We tried at times, but we could not walk away from the things that were causing us trouble.  I'm not going to tell you everything Vicki and I were captive too, that isn't necessary.  It's enough to say that we needed a major change, and we needed it soon.

Like I said, May 24th, 1976, I left for work not giving a dime for God.  That day my attitude changed. At 9:05 a.m. Jesus Christ introduced Himself to me.  That's right, face to face.

On the 4th floor of the 110 building, North Cove Blvd., as I was walking past a table with three men reading, a hand moved me to go over to that table.  As I walked up I noticed they were reading Bibles.  I stopped at the end of the table, looked down at them and said, "You guys are reading the Bible?" Without hesitation the one man said to me, "You know you're a sinner." That's all he said.

At that instant, I straightened up and thought to myself, yeah if there's a sinner, I'm a sinner.  Then I answered him, "Man, you're right, if there's such a thing as a sinner, I'm a sinner."  Immediately a warmth came over me.  It was gentle, warm, it seemed to be pure.  I was saturated with that gentle warmth inside and out. 

At the time, I didn't know what that warm feeling was but I do now.  It is what is called the "grace of God."  That warmth was making it possible for me to hear and accept what was about to be said to me.

The man asked me this question: "Did you ever want to be perfect?"

I thought, that's stupid, then I said, "No man, who wants to be perfect?"

He shocked me, he said, "I do! And I'm going to be one day."  And he continued, "The Bible says that we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. That's why
Jesus Christ had to die on the cross, so that we can be forgiven of our sins." He also told me, "You need to ask Jesus to forgive your sins, and ask Him to come into your life."

At that point, I turned and started to walk away.  He shouted out the perfect thing for me to hear, "Hey, ask Jesus to show you how real He is."

When I got back on the job, I must have been real quiet because everyone kept looking at me.  Quiet, that was not the normal me.  I kept feeling that gentle warmth, and I kept hearing the words the man said.  All day those words kept ringing inside of me. What I was hearing kept me quiet all day. 

At times different people would come up to me and ask, "You OK Dave?  Is something wrong?"  I'd brush them off and keep working.  We were all friends. At one point one of the guys I hung with came up to me and bent down and turned his head in order to look in my face.  He asked in a troubled tone of voice: "You OK man? What's wrong?" 

I straightened up to answer him and as I did I saw everyone in the area looking at me with worried looks on their faces.  Everyone was wondering about me.  All I could offer them was a faint smile, a slight nod, a quick motion with my hand.  I went back to work, but they kept watching me.

Finally, the work day ended.  Vicki also worked in that factory with me, in the same department matter of fact.  We suffered through our days at work together for twelve years.  She had jury duty that week.  When I got home, Vicki had dinner waiting for me.  I cleaned up and sat down at the table. 

I asked Vicki about her day, and she told me. But then she looked at me, and with a scared tone of voice asked: "What happened to you today?"  I didn't answer, so she shot back, "Tell me what happened to you. Something happened to you today.  What was it? Tell me! What happened?"

Then I looked up at her and said, "Baby doll, I'm not saying you have to, but I need
Jesus, and I'm going to ask Him into my life."

Vicki's head bolted back, and she had an amazed look on her face.  She shook her head like she had just been slapped.  There was no more conversation all that evening. You can understand why.  When I left for work, she couldn't talk to me about God, but when I came home from work, I told her that I need
Jesus.  What a turn around!  Wouldn't that shock you?

All evening, those words that I heard at work kept ringing inside of me. They continued to keep me quiet. But I also kept thinking, "I hope Vicki asks too."

That night, as we laid in bed I said, "Baby doll, I'm not saying you have to, but I'm going to ask Jesus into my life."

Vicki didn't look at me, she simply said, "I am too." She asked, "But how do we do that, I don't know how."

I answered, "Let's say what the guy told me to say."

Vicki said, "Ok.  You start."

I prayed, "Jesus I'm a sinner, please forgive me, come into my life." Vicki  repeated after me.

Then I asked, "Jesus, show us how real your are."  Immediately, we both fell asleep. That was totally unusual for us, that was the first good nights sleep we ever enjoyed.

The next morning we woke up different people. We were born again. 

The first thing Vicki said was, "Do you see it?" 

I didn't want to discourage her, so I answered, "Yeah. What do you see?"

She said, "That bright light up in the corner. It's so pure."

Later, Vicki told me what she experienced.  She said it was like she had lived her life in a sewer and someone lifted a man hole cover and she saw sunlight for the first time. 

I said, "That's beautiful! Wow! That's beautiful!" 

When I went to work the next morning I talked to everybody about meeting and accepting Jesus Christ.  You talk about a bunch of people being stunned, they were in shock.  Some of their mouths dropped opened and their eyes were as big a coffee cups.  They watched me!

They watched me change before their very eyes.  Day after day, week after week, month after month, my life changed.  

Most everyone appreciated the changes in my life, but a few resented me.  One reason was because I didn't arrange the parties any more; they enjoyed the parties, they did not enjoy the changes in my life.

The amazing thing was the fact that I didn't work at changing, I didn't follow a bunch of rules, do this and don't do that. 
The changes took place inside of me; they weren't outward efforts to be a good Christian. 

The changes happened because I kept reading the Bible, and the Spirit of God living in me kept changing me.  

One of the convincing signs that this was all real and true was the fact that I experienced my prayers answered.  It stunned me at first.  I would pray like the Bible says to pray, and God would do what I asked of Him.  Vicki was experiencing the same thing.  We became convinced that the New Birth was real, and it happened to both of us.

Like I told you on the welcome page, you don't have to be a theologian, nor have special skills for interpreting the Bible to understand the New Birth.  Matter of fact, God didn't give us the Bible to interpret because He does not want us stopped by "analysis paralysis."  He does not want us bogged down by details, even though there are a lot of details.  The reason Jesus sends the Spirit of truth, the author of the Bible to live in each of us is so that  He can guide us into all truth.  He will even show us what is yet to come if we let Him. You can find those facts written in: John 16:13 and in 1 Corinthians 6:19,20.

Simply read the Bible and the Spirit of God will cause it to become the most exciting book you've ever read.  Before I knew Jesus Christ, I threw Bibles in the trash. I could not read the Bible; it didn't make a bit of sense to me. Since the day I accepted Jesus Christ into my life, I have not been able to put the Bible aside.  That's been over 30 years. The Spirit of God has the most wonderful way of keeping your attention as you read the Bible.  It is not a boring book, you'll see!

An Invitation: If you haven’t accepted God’s free gift of eternal life, but you would like to, simply pray this prayer:

          “Jesus Christ, I believe you are the Son of God and the only way to God.  I admit that I’m a sinner, please forgive my sins and come into my life; I want to be born again.  Please show me how real you are. Also baptize me with your Holy Spirit. Thank you for accepting me.”

If you’re still a skeptic: “God, if this is true, please help me understand so that I can accept the gift of New Birth you purchased for me.”






















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