A Purpose For Your Life

It's not that I looked for mischief to get into, mischief had a way of finding me.

As clear as if I am living the events right now, I can remember a day when I was five years old. How do I know I was five? Because I was going to start kindergarten in the fall, so this was the summer before I started school.  I was born in May so I know I was five.

It all started when I bounced out the front door of my home.  Mark and Jack were in Jack's front yard yelling at each other. Even back then I was the kind of person who has to find things out. That's what got me into this adventure.

It looked like they were going to start swinging at each other so I hopped the fence and ran up to them. Jack was screaming, "It can too, I saw it."  Mark was screaming, "It cannot." So I ask the obvious question: "What can do what?"

Jack was two years older than Mark and me.

Mark shouted, "Jack said that if you drop a cat on it's back it will always land on its feet."
Jack shouted, "It can, I did it."
So I said, 'Show us."
Mark said, "Yeah, show us!"
Jack said, 'It's over here, let's catch it."
Jack took off running while telling us, "It's on the side of the garage, you go around back and head it off.

To help you understand what was about to happen, I must describe Jack's house.  His father built it.  It was built with those concrete blocks you use to build a basement foundation. Those kinda ugly gray ones.  We didn't live in one of those manicured, upscale neighborhoods.  That's why we had lots to do.

Also, he did not use plate glass for windows, he used those glass cubes that are 12"wide 12" long 12" thick.  He made windows of various designs. Those glass cubes let light in but you couldn't see out of them.

Also, he used those concrete blocks for the floor, no wood.  The first floor was 12' high, and the interior walls were make of concrete blocks also, with those glass cubes in the walls for decoration. The first floor was 12' high keep that in mind.

There was no stairway up to the second floor on the inside of the house, instead there was a stairway on the outside in back. At the top of the stair way was a door into the second floor, also a walkway leading to an entrance to an apartment on top of the garage. That's where Jack's grandfather lived. So he entered into his apartment through the roof of the garage.

The walkway went up about 2' then leveled off and then dropped down 2' to the apartment entrance. So the level part of the walkway was 14' off the ground.  How do I know that? Because Jack's dad was sipping Johnny Walker and got in a mellow mood one day, so he took us on a tour of his creation; he told us all the details.  Like I said, I was the kind of kid who like to find things out; I liked to know things.

Back to the cat landing on its feet. Back in those day, trash cans were thirty gallon metal cans with metal lids, so we made a lot of racket when we captured that cat.  Jack carried it by all fours, dangling it upside down. The cat's head hung limp and let out a whimpered "meow."

The three of us were excited as we ran up the stair way. Jack hung the cat over the rail by all fours, back to the ground.  Mark and I were shouting, "Let it go!" Jack dropped the cat. We watched that cat shoot towards the ground, and just before it hit it flipped over and kinda landed on its feet.

It went "splat" as the force drove it into the ground. It's belly bulged out on both sides. It go up on its feet kinda slow, it whimpered and took off. That cat lacked sense because it ran back to the same place where we caught it the first time.  Yes, we took that cat back up to the landing and dropped it two more time.

During the third drop I was convinced that if that little cat could drop like that and not get hurt so could I. That quick I was on the outside of the rail. Jack and Mark shouted, "What you doing?"  And I told them, "If that cat can drop that far and not get hurt so can I."

At that I dropped off the landing.  To this day I can remember that weird feeling.  It was as if my upper body was suspended at the landing but my lower body was racing toward the ground. It felt like I was being stretched, then my upper body began to shoot for the ground too. No joke, that's the way it felt. It was wild!
We are born with instincts, I'm sure you know that.  On the way down I was thinking that just as my feet touched ground I need to throw myself sideways and roll. That's what I did. I was wearing moccasins not shoes, so it was like being bare footed.  When my feet hit the ground they slapped real hard. The bottoms of my feet felt like they were on fire, no joke. I sat there rubbing my feet and blowing on them trying to cool them down. All the while planning my next drop.  Yes, I was planning on doing it again. I had to know if there was a better way.

As I sat there blowing on my feet Mark yelled down, "What's it like? Should I do it?"  And I was thinking (five years old) why do you have to ask me, you saw it yourself. What's a boy going to answer? "Yeah, it's fun."  Mark dropped off the landing.

When he landed he didn't roll, so his knees drove into his stomach.  I don't know if any of you ever had the wind knocked out of you, but I hated it.  You swear you're going to die. No matter how hard you suck, you can't get air to come into you.

Mark was sucking for wind for all he was worth. He was making that futile sound, "Uge, uge, uge, uge." His eyes were as big as melons, and he looked terrified.  His arms were flapping and his hands were grabbing for air.  I knew what he was going through because I'd been through it a couple of times, I hated it, nasty.

While Mark is trying to catch his breath, and I was blowing on my feet, Jack yelled down, "Should I do it?" What's a boy going to say? "Yeah, it was fun, come on down." Jack dropped off the landing.

Jack was belly heavy.  His belly pulled him over so that he was coming down face first. I sat there thinking (five years old), "He shouldn't done that."  Jack yelled out, on the way down, "I shouldn't done this." And I thought (five years old), "Too late to change you mind."

I sat there watching Jack coming down face first wondering if he would bounce. Jack landed belly first. He said, "Oomph."  My gaze was fixed on him.  No kidding, Jack's body bounced off the ground about an inch. I could see light between his belly and the ground, plus a cloud of dust was kicked up.

Jack sat up crying and screaming, "You made me do this; you made me do this." About that time his dad came busting out of the door yelling, "You @#@#@#@# kids, what are you doing to my kid."

Instantly, I mean instantly, the fire in my feet was out and Mark was breathing again.  The two of us took off and all you could see was the soles of our feet. We were over that fence like it was laying flat on the ground. No way was that man going to get a hold of us, and he didn't.

My sense of curiosity has kept me busy over the years as I've traveled down the avenue of life. Seriously, there have been a number of times, and I do mean a number, I should have been killed.  There were times when people around me were killed, but I walked away unharmed.

When I look back I can recognize that God had His hand on me; there is a reason God has kept me alive. God has a purpose for everyone, but not everyone will respond to God's purpose for his/her life.  Here is some interesting information, pass it around:

An Invitation: If you haven’t accepted God’s free gift of forgiveness yet, but you would like to experience the New Life He promises, simply pray this prayer:  “Jesus Christ, I choose to believe you are the Son of God and God’s only sacrifice for the forgiveness of my sins. I admit it, I’m a sinner, please forgive my sins, and I ask you to come into my life, I want to be born again. Save me Jesus.  I don't understand it, but please save me Jesus.  Please show me how real you are! Also baptize me with your Holy Spirit; I want everything you have for me. Thank you for accepting me.”


If you’re a skeptic you can pray a prayer like this: “God, if  this is true about Jesus Christ and a new life, please help me understand so that I can accept your gift of eternal life that you purchased for me by the sacrifice of Your Son.”

Here's a great song:


God wants to lavish His grace and love upon your life, for more information go here my friend:

I love you my friend! I really do  May I ask, are you sure? Find out if you're good enough for heaven. Get a FREE assessment, don't delay. There is a link to the Good-O-Meter available click here 
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